Meet Lachy Ross

Meet Lachy Ross

Lachy (@lachyross) is a unique creative from Denmark WA with a passion for surfing, music, photography, and videography. We chat with Lach about his passions and what he's been up to. 

Outside of photography and videography, what other passions do you have? 

My definite biggest passion that's affected my life more than anything is surfing and the love of the ocean. I grew up surrounded by a very powerful and unpredictable coast so there's not a lot that excites me more than chasing swells and sharing amazing waves with my friends and family. Of course storytelling in the form of photography and videography is a major passion of mine but I also love music nearly equally too. Listening to music, watching people live, capturing those moments and making music is super special for me. I’ve been so lucky to have weirdly found my best friends to date in and through the music industry so I’m also extremely thankful for that.

You have a love for photography and run an online print store, what's your favourite camera gear to use and why?

I do! Well if I’m completely honest I’ve been shooting with Fujifilm since I picked up a digital camera really. I first shot on an old Nikon F-301 film camera before I bought my first  digital Fujifilm XT2. 

I kind of solely got it because my stepdad had one and when I mucked around with his I just loved its easy controls/ colours straight out of the camera. But now I recently upgraded to the new Fujifilm XT4 and its my dream build. Its got insane colour profiles, extremely quick auto focus, doubling as a video and photo camera, shoots 4K 60fps with 10 bit 4:2:2 colour and just an all round great camera for any situation- if its for commercial work or just mucking around. It hasn’t failed or skipped a beat at all.

What's your favourite thing about living in the South West? 

My favourite thing about the South West is its ability to constantly keep you on your toes in a lot of fields. There's something special about the region that's like no other, the raw power of the coast, the potential for new exciting growth and the people it draws. I’ve never found myself bored in the south west whether that's work wise, ocean wise or social wise. For me it seems somewhat fresh still (even after 22 years) which just excites me to grow more and more all the time.

Halves and Quarters is a project you started with two of your best mates. Can you tell us a bit more about it and what motivated you to start this venture? 

Yeah! So myself and my two of my best mates (Michael Dunstan and Daniel Hedley) started this creative business to basically bring stories to life and capture all the moments that mean the most to us, no matter how small. We all know that we want to be a part of the creative industry weren’t sure how to go about it.. We all love videography/filmmaking, photography, music, adventure and pushing ourselves (Physically and mentally) so we came up with the name on a video call one night during lockdown. To us, the name “Halves and Quarters” kind of means the small parts (halves and quarters) are the most important parts of life because it's those small things and moments that make us feel whole (Sorry if that's completely off Mike and Dan).

You're a big advocate for mental health and keeping your head strong, what are some things you do to stay happy? 

Absolutely. I think keeping your head strong has to be one of the most important fundamentals of life(I know it is for me). And not being sexist in any way whatsoever, but I do believe it is especially important in men because of our weird stubbornness to think that we (as men) don’t need to talk about our feelings. I do only say that because I think that the general majority of women are incredible at opening up and de-bottling emotions compared to men. Whenever I’m feeling down or just not myself,  I realised not long ago that I need to be around my closest friends to get better. That's 100% what makes me the happiest. Just being around my closest mates that I know are motivated, hardworking, like minded compassionate epic people. Also being close to the ocean is a must for me, sounds cheesy but if I was inland far  away from the ocean I’d be hurting! Practicing some sort of mindfulness and being super present/ grateful for even being here always brings me back on my two feet!

The final question from us, and one that we have to ask... What is your most worn Fine Sands product? 

Oh boys.. That's a tough question because all your gear is so damn epic. Lately I’ve been wearing my Natural Fine tee, my blue Dive Society Tee and your old OG grey hoodie! but I’m absolutely frothing to get my hands on some of your new range super soon!


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