Escape the Grind with Fremantle Coffee Roasters

Escape the Grind with Fremantle Coffee Roasters

Who doesn’t love coffee! We recently teamed up with Fremantle Coffee Roasters to design their first merch range. These collaboration tees and cord caps were designed by us to reflect the history of Fremantle and its strong coffee heritage, whilst incorporating the coastal lifestyle of Fine Sands.

If you’re anything like us, you spend most mornings by the beach with a coffee in hand. Keep cup of course... There’s something wholesome about a warm coffee and sandy feet that go so well together.  

 Chances are you’ve seen these beans around. We have spent a little while testing them and we must say they go alright. Perfect for the Aeropress on our recent trip to Exmouth.  


To rep some coffee merch or support a local business doing cool things, check out Fremantle Coffee Roasters.

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